Zip Recovery From Invalid Zip Archive

WinZip is a widely used compression utility that is used to compress several files or folders in a single archive. The compressed files are stored in the form of Zip file. Zip files or Zip archives are easy to send through e-mails and save storage space on the hard drive. In order to read data from a Zip archive, you need to extract it.

After extraction, a folder is created with the same name that contains all of the files and folders. But sometimes, while extracting a Zip archive, the process fails and you can not access data from it. This behavior of Zip archive causes critical data loss and you need to go for Zip Recovery solutions to get your critical data back.

While extracting a Zip archive, you might encounter the below error message and the data stored in the file becomes inaccessible:

“This archive is not a valid Zip archive”

On the error message dialog box, if you click “Fix Selected Problem” nothing happens and the extraction process gets terminated.

Root of this issue
This error message generally occurs due to corruption to the Zip archive. Due to corruption, WinZip can not recognize the archive and thus can not read data from it.

This problem may also occur if the compression method, which is used to compress the archive, is not supported by WinZip on your system. When Zip archive gets corrupted, the stored files also become inaccessible or get damaged.

At this point of time, all your valuable data becomes inaccessible and to recover the lost data, you need to perform zip recovery.

If you have a backup of the compressed Zip archive then you can use it to restore the lost files. If the backup copy is not available, then you have to repair and
restore the Zip archive using third party Zip Repair tools.

Such software use efficient scanning mechanisms to scan whole Zip archive and extract optimum data. In normal or rigorous Zip corruption scenarios, these software
repair and restore the damaged Zip archive in the absolute format. Zip Repair software come with self descriptive and user-friendly interface with rich graphical support that enables you to perform powerful repair and restoration on your own.