Zip Around Puerto Vallarta

You love the beaches around Banderas Bay. You love the hot tub at your Puerto Vallarta vacation rental. You love the people and the weather. It’s great that you’re having more fun on holiday than you thought possible, and you can do one more thing while you’re in town to make your experience complete: go on a zip line tour.

Why “zip line?”
This might just be the one adventure than can lure you away from your perfectly comfortable, completely relaxed (and harmless) Puerto Vallarta vacation rental, and that’s okay. When you make the decision to zip, you’ll be in good company – people who have done a zip line tour say it is a “must do” for everyone who stays in town.

Who knows why they call it a zip line – maybe it has to do with the sound the equipment makes when you soar along the line from platform to platform; maybe it’s because you zip right along.

A zip line tour is good, clean fun for thrill seekers of any age and both genders. Playing in the treess isn’t just for big, burly macho men; girly-girls can swing through the trees, too. And don’t think for a minute that this is a treat to be savored by the young alone; gracefully aging ladies of a certain age enjoy screaming through the trees as much as any of the young pups.

It looks like a daring ride, and perhaps it is, if you consider it daring to cruise through the trees, suspended high above the forest floor by nylon webbing and a couple of skinny lines. No worries – the lines are actually heavy steel cables and the webbing is a well-made harness system.

And you can be assured that the staff are totally committed to their guests’ safety. Before anyone gets off the ground, they give a brief training seminar (which folks say is as entertaining as it is informative). And they work their tails off to ensure that zippers reach each platform safely.

It’s a simple process: fasten yourself into a sturdy harness, strap on a fashionable safety helmet, and launch! The relatively short early stretches will help you develop confidence and get comfortable swinging through the trees. Then – watch out – it’s time for your best Tarzan yell.

Many tours include a meal at the end of the ride and an opportunity to get into life in the jungle a bit more, maybe with a swim in the river or a chance to interact with jungle birds.