Yogurt – Yeast Infection


Yeast infections can seem endless and have left many with no hope for their situations. There have been multiple opinions about using yogurt yeast infection treatments for soothing the pain and irritation. If you break it down, it does actually make some sense. Take what you know about this remarkable dairy product and envision what it could do for you as a yogurt yeast infection type of treatment.

This dairy product is well known for containing friendly probiotic bacteria, as well as being good for both your digestive and immune systems. It is important to remember, however, that this specific product comes in many different types. There are certain requirements for your specific natural treatment to have in order to provide you with the ultimate amount of relief.

You have probably heard both good and bad reports about yogurt yeast infection treatments. There are most definitely myths and facts regarding this type of remedy. They need to be cleared up and quick so you can finally get that much needed relief. The bottom line is that some types of this product are good for your problem and other types of this product are bad for your problem.

It is imperative that if you choose to use a yogurt yeast infection remedy, you must check for the following when purchasing your yogurt. It absolutely must be plain. Any types of fruit or flavors will only enhance the sugar and tamper with the preparation process. Make absolutely sure that the dairy product contains no added sugar or coloring. Also ensure that there is no additives whatsoever! These remedies are only good in the most natural and raw state.

Speaking of the most natural and raw state for your yogurt yeast infection treatment, I cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring that this product you use is not heat-treated. This will kill the good bacteria. This, therefore, is the main reason you have chosen to even do this type of remedy. The reason this yogurt yeast infection remedy works as well as it does is because of the friendly bacteria you would need to get from it.

Keeping in mind that your yogurt yeast infection remedy must be plain, no added sugars, colors or additives, and not heat-treated, you will be well on your way to relief. When you apply it topically, it is used much like one would use a vaginal cream. Use a syringe or spatula to deliver some of the good bacteria to your infected area. You should find that your yogurt yeast infection treatment will be very soothing and relaxing.