Yet Another Political Blunder is Inevitable????


New Delhi, Jyoti Basu was almost on the brink of becoming the first Left Prime Minister of India. This was denied to him by his party colleagues. This was a political blunder, as later confessed by Jyoti Basu himself. It seems that the party is once again treading the same path.

The Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Somnath Chatterjee, a staunch Leftist, is being forced to tow the party line. The dissent within the party is apparent. The Bengal Minister Subhas Chakraborty expressed his concern and annoyance, and struck the first note of dissent. He said”the Speaker’s case should not be viewed as a CPM party affair and voting with the BJP will harm our party’s interests”. The CPM politburo member, Sitaram Yechury, said in Delhi on Saturday that the Speaker understands the political situation and will take the appropriate decision at the appropriate time. may be termed as the softer version of this dissent..

The doyen of the CPM, Jyoti Basu, however, has other views. The CPM has requested Somnath Chatterjee to resign as Speaker and vote alongside the BJP against the trust vote being sought by the UPA government. The CPM General Secretary, Prakash Karat, firmly believes that the Speaker will have to quit. He has indeed included Mr. Chatterjee’s name in the list of MP’s snapping ties with government. This was obviously done without taking Mr. Chatterjee into confidence. Mr. Chatterjee has reportedly taken exception to his name being included in the list of the left MP’s to the President The Speaker’s office argues that the Speaker cannot be dragged into a partisan political controversy. It holds that Mr. Chatterjee was elected by the Lok Sabha unopposed and hence represents all parties..

Mr. Karat however made it clear that the Mr. Chatterjee was elected on a CPM ticket and will have to take the line of the party disassociation himself from the government. This is in spite of the fact that the Speaker’s post was part of the package for CPM’s wholesome backing for the Congress power project. The party had then deliberated the issue at length and the offer was taken up under pressure from its West Bengal unit. It is rather queer that Mr. Prakash Karat has not issued any dictum to the Speaker directly but has resorted to impose moral pressure on Mr. Chatterjee through the party’s West Bengal Unit and Jyoti Basu in particular. Does Mr. Karat have some doubt at the back of his mind?

It may be too late when Mr. Basu in his next interview mentions this incident as yet another political blunder of the party. Mr. Basu was one4 of the chief architects of the UPA government, which he is ready to topple.