Write Compelling Articles – Use Articles To Create A Presence


Here are a few reasons to write articles.

First, articles can increase your visibility online. By inserting keywords into your title and keyword phrases in your article’s body, over time and with multiple publications, you will increase your SEO. This will give your articles, and indirectly your website, better placements on search engine result pages. It is important to research and use the best keywords you can find and then remain diligent in your article production. In addition, if you can afford it, you can increase your article production by using ghostwriters. Ghostwriters are very inexpensive compared to other means of marketing and the writers produce good quality work.

Second, titles will not only increase your SEO, but they will differentiate your articles from your competitor’s. In order to get your information out there, your articles must first be read. A good title will attract web surfers to your article. To achieve this, your title must be provocative and interesting. The better your titles, the more clicks your articles will receive.

Third, articles will increase traffic to your website with the use of back links. Back links are simply portals that will move the reader from the article directly to your website. When you construct the article, it is best to have one or two back links in your conclusion or call to action. This way, after you summarize the article and encourage them to take action, a back link will deliver them to your website to execute that action.

There are various pay sites that will develop a marketing campaign for you. These can be very effective in the short run, but may have down sides including a high expense rate. Writing articles may take a little more time, but the staying power is long after you achieve a high SEO. The bottom line is, there is no better inexpensive alternative that can effectively get your information out than articles.

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