Why StudAds is a better option as Compared to Adsense?

Why StudAds is a better option as Compared to Adsense?

Being a publisher is an honor in itself. It does not just provide you the ability of sending your words to thousands (or in some cases, millions) of
people, but it also provides you the ability of earning. Yup, as the web is evolving, the new ways of earning money are coming ahead. One of
those ways is earning money through PPC ad networks.

Publishers who choose to earn money this way display ads from a particular ad network on their websites and get paid whenever their visitors
click on those ads. Right now, Google Adsense is the most popular ad network among publishers because it sends huge profits to them.
But it does not mean that it has no drawbacks.

It has it’s own drawbacks and those drawbacks require us to choose some alternatives of Google Adsense. In this article we will take a look on
one best alternative to Google Adsense – StudAds. But before knowing what makes StudAds better, we should understand the
drawbacks of Adsense:

1. Rules of Adsense are very strict and there are plenty of websites which do not get selected after applying for the program.

2. Minimum payout limit is higher; they don’t pay anything that is below $ 100. So small publisher websites may need to wait for several
months for reaching that minimum limit.

3. Account approval system is painful and takes several weeks. In some cases, it took even months and years.

4. If you apply for a small site that is receiving low traffic, then chances are very higher that you will get rejected.

Here were 4major drawbacks of Adsense. StudAds, on the other hand, provides a solution to all these drawbacks. Do you want to know
how? Then read the points given below:

1. They don’t refuse anyone. Any site can register for the program.

2. Minimum payoutlimit is also as low as $ 10.

3. Account approval system is much faster and takes only a few minutes.

4. No matter whether your site is big or small; if you apply, you will be welcomed to there network.

StudAds also has many other good features as compared to Adsense. It shares 90% revenue with publishers. That’s not all, it’s complex set
of algorithms is very choosy when it comes to the relevance of ads. Just like Google Adsense, all the ads which appear on your website will
be relevant to the page’s content.

Installation of scripts is also pretty simple and does not require you to hire a developer for overhauling your website. Ads start appearing instantly
after you have placed the HTML code in your website. They also do not restrict you from using other advertisement options on your webpage.
And most importantly, they have an active support team that will help you anytime when you need.

So what we can say finally is this that although StudAds is not as popular as Adsense, still it is a perfect choice for anyone’s website.

And we ourselves make one ad network popular while other network non-popular. So if we start using StudAds, then it can also touch the level
of Adsense in future. There is nothing bad in giving it a try!

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