Why Martial Arts Training should be Learned and Utilized

There are people who ignore the potential benefits of martial arts training, instead believing that its methods are outdated and of no real use in a street fight. There is no denying that there are certain forms that are slow and rigid which is next to useless when it comes to a street fight but to tar all martial arts styles with the same brush is ignorant and wrong. While it can take years to develop into the kind of fighting machine you hope to be, the various transformations that you will undergo physically, mentally and in terms of focus make martial arts a worthy addition to anyone’s ‘to-do’ list.

Virtually every form of martial arts benefits you physically. Although you will not be transformed into the Karate Kid or have the ability to demolish concrete blocks with your hands, your physique will noticeably improve for the better. Bodyweight training is a staple of every type of martial arts training and these thousands of push-ups will eventually have a positive effect on your body. The punching and kicking drills are also a fantastic way to tone up your body as well as giving you endurance. Unlike those who engage in workouts involving machine weights which encourage uneven development, martial arts improves your body’s strength simultaneously.

Of course, practitioners of martial arts will tell you that the greatest benefit of all is that of mental strength. First of all, those who practice martial arts will gain greater self confidence. This is initially achieved through their progression through the ranks as they graduate from white belt to yellow to green and possibly to black. Knowing that your strength has increased and your ability to defend yourself is far beyond what it once was is also liberating. No longer will you be the easy target you once were. The streets are dangerous but having the ability to defend yourself makes walking home a little less daunting.

If you are intent on maintaining the great feeling that comes with becoming proficient in martial arts training it is important that you continue to practice. This will be easy enough for anyone who is not yet at a high level. Once you increase your ability and head towards black belt status though, it becomes easier to slack off in the knowledge that you are able to defend yourself. While this may be the case, inactivity can dull your reflexes which are an important part of martial arts execution. Practicing continuously so that the moves become second nature is essential if you wish to come out triumphant in a street fight. Having a dazzling array of weapons in your possession is next to useless if you don’t take them out and sharpen them once in a while.

So next time you are practicing martial arts styles and some clueless individual says that your moves will be useless in a fight, simply ignore them and continue what you were doing. Their lack of education in the topic of martial arts is their problem. As long as you know that what you’re doing is effective, then that’s all that matters.