Why Is Mail Theft The Number One White Collar Crime In America Today?

Why is mail theft the number one white collar crime in America today?
What is happening?

One third of the cases of identity theft are due to the insidious uses of stolen mail. A person’s good credit is destroyed and his bank accounts emptied in a flash before he even knows about it. It is good to think you’ll get notification that your identity has been stolen by that company you are paying monthly to be your watchdog. But, let’s face it. They tell you about it after the fact and after the damage has already been done.

Most of the mail that goes through the U.S. Postal Service does get where it is designed to go. Yet, with nearly 700 million pieces a day, it is a monumental job tracking it all. U.S. Postal Service Inspectors arrested over six thousand mail theft suspects just this year.

Why is mail theft so prevalent?
Honestly, think about it. It takes a thief just seconds to walk up to a mailbox and remove the mail. If he or she needs to pry open the box he or she will do it in a matter of seconds. Mail thieves follow mail carriers along a route and grab that mail before you have a chance to retrieve it yourself.
Some thieves steal mail right off the mail truck. Some even pilfer mail from collection boxes. Others pry off the back panels of apartment cluster mailbox units. This is a crime that is easy and doesn’t require many tools or any technologies.

What mail pieces do thieves use in order to steal your identity?
Thieves make use of:
*Credit card statements
*Pre-approved credit card offers
*Credit card preauthorized checks printed with your name and address
*Utility bills
*Loan applications
*Bank statements
*Personal letters (maybe telling of when you will travel and not be at home)

What can you do to prevent your mail from being stolen?

First you take your outgoing mail to the post office or place it in the U.S. Postal Service Drop Box. Never leave it in your mailbox for the mail carrier to collect.

Second, you invest in a locking mailbox that is as strong as Fort Knox and cannot be broken into or lock-picked.

Why is mail theft the number one white collar crime in America?
*It is as easy to commit as one, two, three.
*The pay-offs are huge