Why Eating Local Foods is Better


Choosing to purchase and eat seasonal produce from local area farmers means that the fruits, nuts, and veggies will be cheaper, fresher and even fuller of rich flavor. Why would you buy your pecans from as far away as California when you could buy them from a local farmer? The local pecans were probably picked just a few days before they reached the market and did not have to travel far. The California produce might have been picked or stored for a long time before even starting their cross-country journey, unless of course you live “in” California.

Most people agree, the shorter the journey was from the farm to the table, the more taste and the freshness there is to enjoy. When you buy from local area farms this also ensures that you gain the important knowledge of how your food is being grown, and if the food is actually organic or not. Organic means little or no chemical use including pesticides, antibiotics or genetically modified seeds.

Another benefit is buying locally can help to combat the current bad economy. Purchasing locally grown produce helps to support the local businesses around us. As an added benefit it also helps the environment by dramatically reducing the transportation and energy costs of shipping in foods from other far-off places. You might be surprised how far a few dollars can go towards helping a local family stay in business.

Plus the produce will be handled much less, reducing germs and contamination sources. Locally grown produce does not have to stand up to the rigors of shipping long distances which means that you are going to be getting peaches so ripe that they drip succulent juices as you eat them, and pecans so full of flavor and meaty texture that your pies and candies blow everyone away at the holiday parties.

The farming families also play a big role in the local community. Try asking the person behind the stand at your local farmer’s market or produce stand how they are doing, and listen to their stories. Knowing the story behind the food on your plate can create a greater sense of satisfaction and enjoyment.

Eating local foods is as easy as stopping at a roadside stand, or farmer’s market. You can also often visit the farms themselves and get a tour of the processing from start to finish which is an excellent family activity. In addition, if you are busy there are often farms with online websites that offer to ship fresh produce and other home-made farm goodies right to your door, so really, there is no excuse not to enjoy the best life has to offer!