Why During Pregnancy Is Oral Hygiene So Important?

.tags It has been said again and again by many people, but most Palatine dentists are always sure to reinforce the point as much as they can that oral hygiene is critically important during pregnancy. As most people know, during pregnancy, a woman’s body can be susceptible to several things, and the health of the fetus can be affected by many different factors. Good oral health has been linked in several documented studies as having ties to health pregnancies and children.

When women are embarking on a planned pregnancy, it is a good idea to visit the dentist before she becomes pregnant. This way, they can get all of their required dental care taken care of before they get pregnant because, after that happens, certain types of care may no longer be recommended. Therefore, before a woman gets pregnant, it is a good idea to get a full checkup, cleaning, and to get any treatments which may be required.

There are also some dental health problems which can be caused by pregnancy that women need to be aware of. Having some mild gingivitis occur during the first trimester is common enough that it is even given its own name of pregnancy gingivitis. What women need to know though, is that if a regular mild case of pregnancy gingivitis develops too far unchecked, it could turn into something which is actually dangerous to the fetus Severe cases of gum disease are not safe for a fetus. It can lead to premature births, and to children being born below a healthy weight threshold.

It is important that during pregnancy you continue to follow up with visits to the dentist so that they can help you if there are any gum disease related issues taking place. Given the right treatment, it is more than possible to arrest the progress of gum disease so that it doesn’t end up posing any threat to the fetus.

Of course, the best advise that pregnant women can be given is that they have to pay proper attention to their oral health by doing all the things which are regularly part of a good oral hygiene plan. Brushing and flossing become doubly important when you realize that it isn’t just your good health that depends on those activities, but also the health of your baby. Avoiding sugary foods, as normally recommended by dentists, serves a dual purpose of helping make sure your food intake is healthy for the baby.