Whats In The Health Care Bill For Eldely?

Page 239-240 / Section 1121 / Lines 14(239) – 2(240)

Here it states that the government will start to limit what is provided through Medicaid.

COMMENT: Seniors, beware of how the government categorizes you and what is in the health care bill about senior care.  You will see more of this as time goes on as Obama inserts his plan to set a value system on everyone’s life.  He already is doing it with the unborn.

Page 425 – 426 / Section 1233

This section covers the elder and end of life planning.  The government will require end of life planning and will be involved in the consultation process of living wills and durable powers of attorney.  The government will also lovingly provide you with end of life resources to help you exit the system sooner and save us all a load of cash.

COMMENT: This is none of the government’s business.  It’s an additional way to control health care by rationing it to seniors.  Though rationing is not specifically mentioned or implied here, it’s still a part of the reason the government wants to be so involved in the lives of our seniors at the end of their lives.  The rationing of health care to seniors is already a suggestion on the table among some in the  Obama administration and if they can implement it they will.  Do not forget that Obama is willing to let a birthed child, after a failed abortion, die on the table.  He voted for a bill that restricts physicians, under punishment by law,  from giving the child medical care.  If someone is willing to do that to a child, why do we think he will not begin to put the same principles in action for those at the end of their lives.  He will.  Be informed as to what is in the healthcare bill.