What You Wanted To Know About Domain Names But Were Afraid To Ask

What You Wanted To Know About Domain Names But Were Afraid To Ask

Internet whizz kids are all abuzz about what is hot and what is not within the world of internet domain names. But for the technically challenged or internet ignorant, mastering the world of domain names, web page hosting and web blogging can be a rather daunting task.

So what exactly is a domain name?

In basic terms a domain name is similar to an identification tag for the World Wide Web. A domain name provides the same function to your website that your home address would provide for your house. It allows those looking for you on the internet to find you with greater ease.

What are the most popular internet domains?

If you are looking to make your business appear prestigious .com is the best route to take. .com domains give the impression that your business has been around for a long time and is reputable in its nature as it appeals to a global audience. .net and .org are also top choices for internet domains. England, Scotland and Wales do not have their specific domain name yet and therefore are using .co.uk. If you are hoping to attract a more national audience buying domain names such as .co.uk (United Kingdom) .ie (Ireland) will allow you to compete for high ratings within your local search engines.

Where can I buy a domain name from?

There are many virtual companies that offer the purchase of internet domains. While previously this could be an expensive outlay todays competitive market has led to extremely competitive prices. Domain names can range anywhere between 5 pounds up into the thousands, depending on the domain name you require. Easily.co.uk offers info domain names for less than a fiver a year.

How do I register a domain name?

Most companies that sell domain names offer free domain availability check, simply put the name you are interested in, in the search box, check the availability and register it.

What can I do with a domain name?

Many people only explore the world of domain names when they are thinking of opening a new web based business or personal web site. While the reasoning behind buying internet domain names usually relates to this purpose, some smart thinkers are now investing in the domain world as both short and long term investments. .com names are becoming increasingly difficult to come by, most of the popular names have already been snatched up.

If you have your eye on a domain name that is already taken you can prepare yourself to pay dearly for it. With the huge decline in real estate investment could it be possible that investment within internet estate could be a trend of the future? With low initial investments and possible high outcomes it can pay to keep your eye on what could be hot in the world of internet domain names.

What makes a good domain name?

A good domain name needs to relate to your subject matter, be catchy, short, easy to remember and even easier to spell! Imagine your principle web page as if it is your personal home address the longer it is the easier it is to get lost.

If you are contemplating creating a virtual business buying numerous domain names that correlate to your business could be a good idea. The idea of numerous domain names is that they would all point to the main web page. Think of having one street address (your main web page) but numerous ways of getting to the same address (lots of different domain names all pointing to the same page).

Choosing the domain name is the hardest part, the rest is usually all taken care of by the company registering your domain name. The final factor to consider is, always be ready to buy the domain name you want if it is available, if you are not ready to buy jot your ideas down on paper and search fro them when you are willing to hand over the money. Domain names have a tendency of here today, gone tomorrow this can become a frustrating factor to your search.

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