What the World Says about Organic Food?

What the World Says about Organic Food?

Have you been hearing a lot about organic food these days? Do you spot organic products at every market you step into?

Nutritionists have been supporting organic food intake for some factual reasons available through research by top professionals.

We have combined some important research and studies done by various universities, research centers and nutritionists all in one place to help you know more about why organic is the talk of the town.

The Organic Center and professors from the University of Florida Department of Horticulture and Washington State University have jointly come up with a report. The report reveals that organic foods contain on an average 25 percent higher concentration of 11 nutrients than conventionally grown food products.

Emma Hockridg, the Head of Policy at the Soil Association, says, “The organic consumers’ concerns about chemicals were well-founded. An FSA report earlier this year revealed the presence of carbendazim, a suspected hormone-disrupting chemical banned in the US, in fruits and vegetables even after washing and cooking. Under organic regulations, these chemicals are banned, making buying organic food a simple solution to avoiding chemicals which remains the top reason for consumers to do so.”

Another authentic study in Environmental Health Perspectives showed that children who consume organic food keep away from potentially damaging pesticides. An experiment was conducted on children by giving some of them organic food and the others conventionally grown food to eat for three days. The results were clear. Children eating primarily organic food had significantly lower levels of pesticide metabolite concentrations than children who consumed conventionally grown food. This show how children are open to intake of harmful chemicals and how switching to organic can prove to be a good decision.

A certified nutrition specialist Virginia Worthington, after reviewing 41 published studies and comparing organically and conventionally grown fruits, vegetables and grains has concluded that there are significantly more nutrients in organic crops. It includes 27 % more Vitamin C, 21.1 % more iron, 29.3 % more magnesium and 13.6 % more phosphorous.

Another study commissioned by the Organic Retailers and Growers Association of Australia (ORGAA) found that conventionally grown fruits and vegetables purchased from the supermarkets and other commercial centres had ten times less mineral content as compared to those grown organically.

A comparative study conducted by researchers at the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) in Switzerland found that organically grown apples were of higher quality than conventionally grown apples with respect to parameters that relate to health and taste.

With so many high end research and conclusions about organic food and its nutrient levels as compared to conventionally grown food products, there is a clear proof that organic is better in all way. They are also said to have higher amount of antioxidants than conventional food.

Organic food products have so many advantages to offer and we have a free choice to make.

So, what are you waiting for? Go organic, live healthy!

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