What the analysts are saying about location aware personal GPS technology

{flickr|100|campaign} ABI Research said GPS-enabled phones are expected to hit 550 million units by 2011 – evidence of an explosion of consumer GPS product and service offerings; LBS applications on GPS-enabled PDA’s, and more novel GPS products such as iPhone and Android are beginning to permeated the global marketplace. “We’re just getting started with this era,” said William Clark, an analyst for research firm Gartner. New products and applications are being announced almost daily. Likewise, public awareness of the potential utility of GPS has increased. The growth was traditionally supported by Apple’s iPhone that originally broke ground on the app market. But Google’s Android operating system has quickly gobbled up market share as well. Because Google makes its software available free to a range of phone manufacturers, there are dozens of different Android-compatible devices on the market, each with different screen sizes, memory capacities, processor speeds and graphics capabilities. Google has recently said it’s activating about 200,000 phones a day. “When people carry around a device wherever they go, it’s not just a phone but a set of connections to their online identity, friends and networks — and the content they care about and where they are as well,” said Mark Donovan, a mobile-industry analyst for market tracker comScore. Location aware companies could find themselves where they will become attractive acquisition targets by handset makers, carriers or larger Web companies said Dominique Bonte, analyst and practice director in the telematics and navigation division of ABI Research. A leader in Personal Location Services, GTX Corp (GTXO) has recently launched 3 new apps and more are expected to follow. The Company now has over 15 apps on 6 platforms (iPhone, Android, BB, Samsung bada, iPad and the web) Downloads of their GPS tracking and locationn-based social networking apps are approaching 750,000 in 94 countries which positions this company for explosive growth. The Company states it “keeps you connected to whom and what matters most” and with revenues from advertising and app sales on the rise, more apps and devices hitting the market- GTXO being one of the few companies in the industry whose stock trades publicly is clearly a rising star to watch… For more information visit