What is Turmeric Extract? How the Turmeric Herb Benefits Our Health


Turmeric extract is derived from the perennial shrub Curcuma Longa. This shrub is a distant cousin of the ginger plant. It is believed to originate from India and China and is now widely cultivated worldwide due its amazing healing properties. The plant grows a mere three feet tall and the real value of this plant lies deep below in its underground rhizomes, where it holds much of the properties that mankind needs for enhancing the quality of life and for medicinal purposes.

Turmeric extract is different from the powder form. The former has no flavor nor aroma and is bright yellow in color. Usually it is in the form of very dry powder that is packed into capsules or pressed into pills. It is fat soluble and is capable of giving color to food. But the most coveted feature of the extraction would be the healing properties stored within.

The result of the chemical extraction is the highly coveted and priceless turmeric extract which contains the best parts of the turmeric roots concentrated into one convenient form. The common name for his extraction is curcumin,

Cucurmin contains 18 times more curcuminoids, a powerful antioxidant naturally found in turmeric. This makes the curcumin a powerful remedy for many of the modern day illness and pains we suffer today.
The uses of Cucurmin

Doctors and scientists are totally blown away by the amazing results that the curcumin is capable of delivering. The turmeric extract has attracted the attention of professionals and researchers especially those in the memory related and cancer research fields. The constituents in turmeric have been proven to help prevent the build up of the amyloidal plague in the brain which is responsible for development of Alzheimer’s disease.

The powerful Turmeric herb benefits are applicable for many of the modern day illness prevalent in our society today. It is known that its anti-inflammatory properties which can effectively assist in alleviating a number of illnesses such as arthritis. It can also help those with stomach disorders .

With the extraction form being 18 times more powerful than the powder form it is believed capable of delivering the knockout blow to cancer cells that would kill the dreaded cancer virus on some occasions. This makes it a very good supplement for those suffering from this dreaded disease or those wish to prevent it from happening.

For generations turmeric has been used as a beauty agent that gives the attractive golden glow to the skin when applied topically or if a woman regularly soaks in bath water splashed with turmeric. Today, turmeric extract is widely used in many cosmetic products and skincare therapy worldwide due to its natural healing and anti-aging properties.