What Is Premenstrual Syndrome – PMS?


Premenstrual syndrome or simply called PMS is not a disease, but a condition that appears in women sometime between their ovulation and their period. This condition comprises a wide range of symptoms both of physical and emotional nature. It is believed that over 80% of all women suffer of premenstrual syndrome. Some of them have mild symptoms that could almost go unnoticed, while others go through terrible pains and sufferings and have their entire life and family life messed up. The duration of PMS also varies from woman to woman. In some women it might occur right after ovulation and bothers them until their period goes away. This means that around half of month they are affected by the symptoms of this syndrome. Other lucky women only experience the symptoms a few days before their period is due.

It was hard for experts to identify all the symptoms of PMS and they are still working on establishing the causes of this condition. It might seem logical to think that all the problems in one’s body during PMS are result of hormonal changes, but apparently they aren’t entirely responsible. For the time being, one thing is for sure: PMS symptoms mess up one’s life. The physical ones include fatigue, discomfort, bloating, abdominal pains, etc. Their intensity depends on the particularities of each woman. Emotional symptoms are sometimes worse that the physical ones and they refer to increased irritability, anxiety, depression, terrible mood swings, changes in the normal appetite and libido, etc. The combination of symptoms can affect a woman’s personal life and can also interfere with her professional capabilities.

It is hard to determine a treatment for PMS when its causes are still unclear and when its symptoms are so numerous. One can indeed address only the symptoms and alleviate them temporary. However, this does not solve the actual problem in itself. It seems that PMS is strongly connected with one’s lifestyle and with the amount of nutrients in the body. A healthy life style and vitamins and minerals supplements are believed to help women life with PMS easier. There are also some herbal remedies that have made some women cope with PMS symptoms easier. Primrose oil and dong quai are just two of them.

It is very important for women with PMS to receive the support of their family because even if this condition is not a psychological one, its emotional symptoms and the women’s unavailability during her days of suffering might break up a family.

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