What Is Halal? Food, Women, Money, Morgages, Insurance?


What is Halal? The first thing that comes in mind is food…well, the definition of Halal is a bit more than that, if I can add women, money, mortgages, loans, alcohol…the list can go on…

Halal is something restricted by God and with it one should avoid such pleasures as women, having intercourse in a similar way to say having sexual relationships with women who are not married to you, earning money through wrong means such as stealing, selling your body, drugs, alcohol, taking loans with interest to pay, giving money to some one and taking extra money as interest, purchasing alcohol with intention to consume, selling and drinking alcohol.

Boneless product such as fish, prawns, or any sea product are considered as Halal products according to many Immam scholars.

Every language has more than one word for most things. As we know, Britain is also United Kingdom, also known as England and UK. In Islam, Taibah is the alternative word for Halal. When, in Islam culture, you want to say that your money is earned in the proper way, you say that your earning are Halal Ian Taibah.

Halal Ian Taibah means Halal and pure.

In Britain we don’t have much understanding of Halal the food industry. There are signs placed in restaurants and newspapers, but in Islam many issues and products are not just Halal and not just food.

However, there are many alternatives now. You can have Halal mortgages, Halal non alcoholic beer, Halal insurance, Halal vegetables, and Halal women by getting married to fulfill sexual needs.

Halal food products such as meat products are usually more expensive than normal meat prices in superstores, due to the volume purchased by superstores, and local halal butchers will charge more as the cost of the special needs and volume purchased when halal products are not available. Then the only option is vegetable products. This can be a solution as they are full of protein and Halal.

Halal products are sometimes not suitable, even for Muslims, and many Muslims are unable to consume even Halal meat products such as red meat and beef, due to health reasons (it produces a volume of cholesterol).

Halal is not restricted by animal products, and Halal caterers can go beyond all of that…