What is Civil Engineering


Civil engineers are on the frontline in the structuring of physical projects such as public dwellings, home constructions, bridges, pipelines, roads, dams, industrial edifice, or special mechanical architectures such as aircrafts or vehicles airports, providing management and essential skills in the planning and designing of these sophisticated projects. The highly skilled and trained civil engineers in the UK have been developing the groundwork infrastructure of the country for many years.

The engineering division in Britain undertakes both major and minor works, typically taking up highway, tunnels and underground construction, water and waste water projects whilst carrying out construction schemes related to new buildings, redevelopment or refurbishment in both residential and commercial sectors using the best quality equipment.

The work of a civil engineer is not only limited to planning and designing of the structures but they also prepare property descriptions, analyze the ground properties, final cost estimates, determine and evaluate the stability of the project and may also be involved in laboratory testing for condition of soil and construction materials. Civil engineers use the project sketches made by the architects and analyze the most economical and innovative way to give it a physical existence. They also evaluate the chances of earthquakes on a particular site.

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