What Is Acid Reflux


Heartburn is a burning sensation that is sometimes painful. May appear at the breastbone or above in the throat or stomach down on itself, usually spread throughout the area from the neck to the abdomen.

The cause of this acidity is the presence of secretions of the stomach (very acidic) to other parts of the digestive system, esophagus, which are not prepared to support this level of acidity, this leaves a burning sensation or irritation.

It may be because the normal acids pass from the stomach into the esophagus, or because there is excess stomach acid. Especially after indigestible meals a brief run back of stomach contents into the esophagus is not uncommon and often occurs even in healthy people, sometimes even daily.  The cleaning mechanism of the esophagus will normally ensure that the acidic stomach contents are quickly transported back into the stomach back.

Most common causes of heartburn

Gastroesophageal reflux.
Esophageal spasm or contraction.
Hiatal hernia.
Acidifying drugs or irritation of the gastric mucosa such as aspirin or non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. 

Care and Treatment

Avoid drugs that may be causing heartburn, if not essential. In any case you should consult your doctor about the alternatives in order to put appropriate.
In the diet must avoid foods that can stimulate the secretion of stomach acid such as coffee, alcohol, snuff, heavy meals and citrus fruits (lemon, orange, grapefruit, etc.)..
To prevent reflux is good not to sleep or lie down with food in the stomach.
It is recommended not to eat 2 or 3 hours before bedtime and avoid tight clothing.
The head of the bed should be raised about 10 to 12 cm. T. Also you should lose weight if necessary.

When to consult your doctor

When heartburn is accompanied by vomiting, especially if they are blood-red or black type coffee grounds.  In this case it can be serious and a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

If heartburn is frequent or prolonged or there is weight loss, consult a doctor.