What Goes Through A Burglar’s Mind When Planning For A Robbery?

If you own a home, a business or an organization, it pays very well to be able to know how burglars think. This way, you will be able to pre-empt every move they make. So, how do you do this? You simply pre-empt what goes through their minds.

Burglars tend to think in the following ways:

1. Get in and Out Fast

The burglar has just one thing on his mind: Get my goodies and run like mad. Usually, they just think they want to break in, steal what is precious to you or what they are targeting, vandalise the property if that is what they want and then make away. The average burglar does not have time to waste and will usually just rifle through things, valuables and so on.

2. Money and other Valuables are in the Master Bedroom

Typically, most people keep their valuables in the master bedroom. The average burglar knows this and takes advantage of this. Usually, they are thinking: Hit the master bedroom first, check the study and library and finally, other bedrooms. Unfortunately, they are right most of the time. And with their experience, they are often able to spot where the jewelleries, purse, money and so on. Since many people leave all these buried in their drawers or bedside reading table, this is where the burglars go first.

3. Let me Check the Place Out First

Burglars are hardly outsiders. Most times, they are people who live within a mile or two of the neighborhood. What they do is monitor your movements and the activity around the house for a few days to two weeks. While they are doing this, they are mapping out your movements and that of your family or the people around, studying the possible presence of security gadgets and so on. Usually, if they find that there is little or no form of security, they get ready to burgle the place and make away with their lootings.

4 The Easiest Point of Entry

Research has shown that homes are broken into every minute all over the world. And most of the time, these burglaries are executed by thieves who just walk in the front door, pick the locks and enter the home. For businesses, acting like cleaners often gets them in and out without anyone raising an eyebrow. Other easy points of entry include the roofs, open windows, basement windows, and tree branches near the home and so on.

5 Threaten them if need be

In most cases, burglaries are carried out by teenagers who may or may not be armed. But some of these burglars go into the homes armed with a knife or a gun just in case they find someone at home.

Now that you have an inkling of how they think, go get yourself some security, get rid of all easy entry points and generally, make it difficult for the thieves for come and go with ease.