What Are Unique Home Remedies For Heat Rash?

{flickr|100|campaign} Heat rashes occur due to excessive sweating in a hot and humid environment. The excessive sweating damages the skin cells and a barrier is formed. This is turn traps the sweat below the skin and it explodes in the form of rashes. The patient suffers a skin itch and sting because of the intense heat. Though, these rashes often do not occur directly in the areas where the skin is exposed to sunlight. It rather occurs on the clothed parts of the human body for example, neck, abdomen, armpits, etc.

In case, the rashes become severe without proper treatment, there are chances of it to affect the heat regulating system of the body. This in turn causes fever, heat exhaustion, and in some unfortunate cases even in death. However, there is no cause to worry because there are home remedies that will help to heal the itch and also accelerate the healing process.

The first and the foremost step in treating heat rashes is to effectively cool the body. Being in an AC room or the patient enjoying a cool shower does wonders to give a respite to the itch and sting experienced.

Oat meal and baking soda are two good home remedies for heat rash. Two cups of oat meal is finely grinded to make a fine powder and added with a cup of baking soda. This mixture is added to the bathwater and swished well until it dissolves well. The patient is then asked to soak in this water for about 15 to 20 minutes. This definitely helps to relieve itching.

After the shower, instead of drying the skin with a towel, it is better to allow it to air-dry. Then sprinkle some baking powder or corn starch on the heat rashes so that it absorbs all the moisture from the affected area. This home remedy is very good for heat rashes.

Instead of using scented talcum powders, it is better to use a homemade botanical powder.
Lavender, rosemary and mint which are effective herbs should be powdered and placed in a glass jar. Along with them, add a cup of cornstarch and shake well. This powder can be applied on the heat rashes to accelerate the healing process.

Aloe and cucumber are two cooling and soothing home remedies that can stop the itch and speed up the healing time. Either using a lotion of Aloe or using fresh gel from the aloe plant is good. Similarly, cucumber can be blended and pureed and applied on the rashes as it is a good home remedy for heat rash.