What Are The Most Common Chemotherapy Side Effects?

.tags Every person undergoing a course of chemotherapy treatment reacts to it in a different way. However, there are some commonly seen side effects that are extremely prevalent in these cases. Here we will present a list of these, together with some suggestions on how to fight them:

1.Lowered immune system. This is a very worrying condition for most patients undergoing treatment against the effects of cancer; and finding out how to increase the immune system is, for many people, the key to avoiding other illnesses and infections during this period. There are some 100% natural ingredients nature has provided us with, and with a good blending process, they can turn into a highly effective treatment. Look for the powerful Reishi Mushroom, Dodder, and Chinese Cornbind to give you the best possible protection.

2.Decreased energy levels. One of the last things you want during your chemotherapy treatment is a lack of energy, as this can result in a less than positive outlook, and can really hinder your progress. A good mix of the essential vitamins C, B6, and B12 is the best starting point to counter low energy levels. From here you can look for something including astragalus, and Ginseng among its list of ingredients.

3.Nausea and vomiting. It is extremely common for chemotherapy side effects to include weight loss. This is something you should try your best to avoid, and cutting out vomiting is a key step in the process. Natural herbal medicine can help you in this respect by aiding the digestive system. Remedies with Chinese Licorice, Tangerine, Jobs Tears and Ginger in them have been proven to work well. One of the huge benefits to using natural remedies in this instance is that, as well as helping you avoid nausea and vomiting, they will actually work to increase your appetite as well, which is a very welcome effect at a time when you probably have a very low appetite level.

4.Insomnia. Lack of sleep is a problem that can leave you depressed and fatigued; something you really need to avoid if you are working hard to get well and gain your strength back. We do our greatest amount of healing while our bodies are at rest. During sleep we recharge the body and our immune system. Special herbs for cancer patients can help you get a good, refreshing nights sleep and be prepared for the next day in good spirits. Astragalus, Jujube, Coptis and Chinese Skullcap are effective herbs when thinking about healthy sleep and good dreams.