What Are Hospital Uniforms?


A uniform can be described as the traditional set of distinguishing garments worn to ascertain a person’s job, rank or affiliation as he or she takes part of the endeavors of the group he or she belongs to. Therefore, hospital uniforms are the clothes that hospital personnel wear to identify them as people with such occupations while they are on duty. However, due to the fact that hospitals have many different departments, not all of their workers wear the same attires. There are doctors, nurses, and other staff members in a hospital and their way of dress is what tells them apart. In this article some of the basic hospital uniforms will be discussed.

The most common outfit one would usually see in a medical facility, is what is known as the scrubs. In the past, these hospital uniforms were only worn in the operating room while surgical procedures are being performed, but due to their easy to wash and wear quality, simplicity, and comfort, their use have become widespread to its other departments. Scrubs usually come as V-necked, short-sleeved shirts paired with drawstring pants or as a short-sleeved mid-calf length gown, the former being more common than the latter. In the past, they only came in various shades of solid green, but now that they are not anymore only used as specific outfits for operating room activities, more colors and prints are becoming available in the market. Sometimes, institutions that require the wearing of scrubs would make their staff, nurses, doctors and other personnel, wear certain colors to be able to easily tell them apart.

For doctors, the wearing scrubs is less common of making use of a lab coat. It is usually only when doctors perform any type of surgical procedure that they wear the former. Most of the time, they go to work wearing their casuals, then just put on their lab coats over their street wear upon reaching their clinics. The most popular material used in fabricating lab coats is polyester because of its wrinkle-free property which makes it very easy for its owner to use and launder. It also doesn’t shrink as long as it has already been pre-shrunk beforehand. Thus, it is a very suitable fabric for embellishing a hospital’s logo or one’s name.

The common hospital uniforms for nurses, on the other hand, are either a long tunic paired with a pair of pants, or a dress. The choice color for these uniforms is usually white, but just as scrubs have evolved through time, more colors are also being included into the nurses’ wardrobes nowadays as well. Most often than not, these colors would come from the logo or emblem of the institute a nurse works in. They also usually wear a nurse’s hat and close-toed shoes in a complementary or matching color.

Hospital uniforms are important in maintaining the professional look of medical personnel. Whichever of the ones mentioned above they are wearing, as long as they’re in their uniforms, health care professionals look more respectable and knowledgeable, which thus makes it easier for their clients and patients to trust them.