Weight Loss & Lifestyle Changes


There are 100’s and 100’s of weight loss programs out there. A lot of them promise quick results, but to the detriment of your health and rarely do they give you long term results. But they are popular for that reason. Most people do not want to change their lifestyle for the sake of weight loss. They haven’t thought about the reasons why they want to lose weight, so often they focus on the superficial reasons.

This leads to yo-yo-ing and disappointment.

The truth is if you want permanent weight loss then you need to make lifestyle changes. You don’t have to give up everything you do. Starting with small changes can give you an easy transition over to a healthier, happier and slimmer life.

Think about it this way. You are giving up that happier, healthier and slimmer life for the sake of a few moments of pleasure from a cookie or some ice cream. Is that pleasure worth it? How does it make you feel afterward? Guilty? Upset? Does it seem worth it anymore? It didn’t to me.

Healthy foods ARE enjoyable, you just need to reclaim your taste buds. Your first point of call should be to stop using salt. Salt overexcites your taste buds making anything without salt taste bland. Try cutting this out completely from your diet.

Start small but introducing good foods. Have a fruit smoothie for breakfast (5-10 bananas blended with some water) and eat fruit (as much as you desire) before EVERY meal. Another thing that I chose to do also as I progress from eating fruit before meals, is I ate vegan most of the day then had an evening meal of my choice (but not junky!).

If you make small steps, you will change your lifestyle but for the better. These small steps not only will have a dramatic effect on your health but also on your weight loss.

Try it and see how you get along – don’t really on unrealistic diet programs that don’t have your best interests at heart.