Ways To Prevent Onset Of Sinusitis

.tags When you are starting to feel pressure pains and headache during the day, or feel that weird feeling of post nasal drip that trickles through your throat at night, then there is no doubt that you are indeed suffering from a sinusitis attack.

Sinusitis occurs when the lining of the sinuses gets inflamed hence causes the mucous and air to get trapped inside. Normally, our sinuses secretes mucous that traps foreign bodies that passes through the nasal cavities. The mucous also acts as a filter that cleanses and humidifies the air that we breathe before it reaches the lungs. However, if the sinus gets inflamed for whatever reason, the air and mucous gets trapped and accumulates inside the sinus cavities. Accumulated mucous is a very good habitat for bacterial build up. And when there is a bacteria, our immune systems natural response will be to excrete more mucous, causing more accumulation which results to more bacterial accumulation, and so the cycle goes on.

With the above statement you will see that once infection occurs, it will be very difficult to stop the cycle. Therefore, it will be much better if we think of ways stay away from the causes of sinusitis. To help you with this, heres a list of ways on how to prevent onset of sinusitis.
Avoid allergens such as pollen, dusts, and molds. Start this by cleaning up your household.
Drink to your hearts content. Increased oral fluid intake especially water will boost the function of your immune system. Water also increases the amount of moisture of your body, thus prevents congestion. It also aids in keeping the mucous lining thin which allows proper drainage of secretions.
Avoid dry air. Another important factor to consider in preventing nasal problems is the prevention of dry air. Your sinuses will drain better if you are inhaling moist air. Using home humidifiers will help address this problem.
Avoid exposure to environmental pollution. Pollutions will never give you any benefit. It is in fact the root cause of almost all health problems. Exposure to any form of pollutants will irritate your nasal passages, and will aggravate your sinus condition. Remember to keep your surroundings clean at all times.
If you are a smoker, then its now time for you to quit the habit. Tobaccos and smog are famous irritants. It will cause irritation to your mucous lining. However, if you are a non smoker, avoid being around smokers. Fact is, exposure to second hand smoke is a lot more threatening to your health.
People who are prone to develop sinus inflammation will find themselves uncomfortable with chlorine treated swimming pool. Chlorine irritates the linings of the nose and sinuses.

Above all these factors that we need to avoid to prevent severe sinus problems, the bottom line is proper hygiene is the key factor to maintaining a good health.