Ways To Get Items Smoked


Nowadays, you can see that car modifications are becoming a way of life on the daily roads. They keep car enthusiasts awake for all those sleepless nights. With all the creative minds in the car industry, modifications just keep being created. Lower body kits, bigger diameter exhaust, carbon fiber door handles, smoked tail lights, and the list goes on. Society cannot get enough, and demands the sleek look of nice cars.


Smoking items on vehicles is becoming very popular. Smoking means to darken the tint color of an item along with light visibility levels at times. That may seem confusing to understand, but it can be closely related to the idea of window tinting.


The darker the tint color, the less visibility seen through to the things on the other side of the smoked or tinted item. Example being, 5% window tint is very dark colored and only 5% of light visibility shows through. Meaning 95% of everything else cannot be seen. Granted, smoking is a little different but can be closely compared to this tint comparison.


It seems the most popular items being smoked these days in the car industry are tail lights, head lights, accessories such as bug shields, window shields, visors, and etc. Tail lights hold a majority of interest in for smoking right now, but the idea will most likely move towards all items.


There are numerous ways to get items smoked. The first method would be to pay a professional automobile painter to mix clear coat and black paint at a certain mixture rate. Thus giving you a mix of black and clear paint, making the blackness somewhat see through to a certain level. This on average is going to cost around a couple hundred dollars. Due to the fact of lots of shop hours involved, it is most likely expensive.


The second method is to try to create such a light coat of black paint that it lets a light amount through the paint. This isn’t the best route in my mind, due to the fact of how bad black paint lets light through. The risk of messing this up is very high as well. Controlling the amount of coats while still spraying an even coat does not come natural to everyone either.


The third way being the cheapest and easiest is to use a hand held can of translucent spray tint and do it yourself. The can of this stuff is going to cost you an outrageous price of around fifteen dollars. With this, usual spray painting methods apply for smoking items as well. There are more materials involved in this process but the main idea revolves around the translucent tint spray to give it the smoke color.


Granted, not everyone is good at or has the capability to do this on their own, but it is indeed the smartest and cost efficient way to smoke items. There are great tutorials available on the web that teach people how to do it on their own. With a little motivation and patience, almost anyone is able to learn and do it on their own.