Water Source Heat Pump Technology And Examples Of Operational Management Systems Analysis – Water

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Abstract: Binzhou City, Shandong province, south shore community of a project’s engineering practice, described water source heat pump system uses flexible, heat, and maximize the recovery of low energy, energy conservation, etc; presentation and discussion of water source heat pump operations, operational management superiority and new progress; and suggested areas where conditions permit, should vigorously promote the technology.

Keywords: Water source heat pump energy-saving operation and management

0 Introduction Today’s society of environmental pollution and energy crisis has become mankind must face and resolve to be a major issue in this context, environmental protection and energy conservation as the main features of green buildings and the corresponding transport and heating and air conditioning system should Health and water source heat pump technology to meet these requirements is more representative of low energy new heating and air conditioning technology.

1 source heat pump technology development at home and abroad

Source heat pump system (WLHPS: WaterLoopsourceHeatPumpSystem) abroad has used closed-loop water source heat pump system is called. 60 years after starting in the United States after 30 years of continuous improvement and development, technology has matured, its products have gradually commercialized so far have been building applications in North America for over 40 years [1]. Into the 70’s, the promotion of this technology application in Japan soon. Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric, PMAC company source heat pump products are sold, Tokyo, Nagoya, Yokohama and other cities in the early 70s, a lot of use of closed loop water source heat pump system of the example of [2], for example, banks of Tokyo Kamakura building, peace building Tokyo, Nagoya Building, new construction of buildings and so on. Since the 80’s, China’s use of water source heat pump system of construction is also increasing year by year. At present, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and a number of examples of small and medium cities have projects, for example, Beijing Tian An Building, Fourth Building, Shanghai Jin Jiang, Jianguo Hotel, Xi’an, Qingdao and Overseas Chinese Hotel. Shenzhen with the Trade Tower, Hotel Huizhou, Quanzhou Hotel, all adopts a closed loop water source heat pump system. Particular, the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing, for the good Games, the Beijing authorities and scientific research departments full cooperation, using the unique thermal conditions to give full play to the hot springs of the advantages of clean energy and health effects, have some of the advanced technologies such as geothermal tail water recharge, water source heat pump applications to geothermal heating system, water source heat pump central air conditioning also has been designated the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games selection of air-conditioning type. Water source heat pump application prospect in China is extremely broad.

2 the superiority of water source heat pump technology

Water source heat pump system is a shallow water can use the earth’s surface (such as groundwater, rivers and lakes), and artificial regeneration of water (wastewater, water, geothermal tail water, etc.) can both heating cooling The energy efficient air conditioning system. Water Source Heat Pump by entering a small amount of high-grade energy (eg electricity), to achieve low level heat energy to the high level heat transfer. Water bodies and ground storage as winter, summer heat and air conditioning cooling heating source, that is, in winter, the water or the formation of heat “get” out, raise the temperature, the supply of indoor heating; summer, the indoor heat ” taken “out of body and released into the water to the strata.

Only water source heat pump in heat or cold without consuming water, and basic Zuodao or ground water storage of the average energy balance, will not cause any pollution. Typically consume 1kW of energy source heat pump, the user can get more than 4kW of heat or cold. The boiler heating can be more than 90% of the electricity or 70% to 90% of fuel energy converted to heat within, for users, so water source heat pump than the electric boiler heating energy savings of more than two thirds, the ratio of fuel boiler save more than half the energy. Therefore, the last decade, especially in the last five years, the water source heat pump system in North America such as the United States, Canada, Central and Northern Europe such as Switzerland, Sweden and other countries have achieved rapid development, China’s water source heat pump market is becoming more active, you can expected that the technology will become the 21st century, the most effective heating and cooling air conditioning technology.

For water source heat pump energy-saving and operating results, some articles have been introduced, but they usually only on the energy consumption of such a system the static analysis. In this paper, an instance of a running project, the actual number of the water source heat pump with energy-saving and operating results for further exploration.

3 Comparison of old and new systems

2002 ~ 2003 heating period, the Authority and relevant departments in the Shengli oil field support, shore south shore community of property management companies of China Beach Area water source heat pump using the Kang Temu alternative heating boiler, put into operation in December 2002, is running in good condition.