Vladimir Putin and Four-legged Presents

Vladimir Putin is the second President of the Russian Federation and is the current Prime Minister of Russia after Boris Yeltsin. During his presidency, Vladimir Putin is considered to bring political stability and re-establishing the rule of law for the whole country.


Beside his iron-clad character, the Prime Minister raises lots of animals and pets that emphasize his softer portrait. In fact, Vladimir Putin has taught good manner towards the way treating animals. Dogs, horses and even tigers have become best friends of the world leader. Let’s see those luckiest animals that become companion of Prime Minister of Russia overtime.



Tiger Masha is one of Putin’s presents for his birthday in 2005. The two and a half months old lived in Novo-Ogaryovo.


Later, tiger Masha was moved to a zoo in a resort town on the Black Sea named Gelendzhik.


At the press conference in Sofia, Boyko Borisov – Prime Minister of Bulgaria – gave his Russian counterpart a puppy of a popular Bulgarian breed.


Boyko Borisov states, “I gave the puppy to Putin as a present, I hope this typically Bulgarian breed will bring him joy.”


Koni came across when Vladimir Putin and NBC television anchor Matt Lauer were having an interview.


The purebred Labrador Koni is a gift from Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry to Putin in 2000.

In 2004, Russian Prime Minister gave one of Koni’s puppies to his girl  Katya from Smolensk, west Russia.


Horse Vadik is also a present of Putin. The horse lived in Tatarstan in the Middle Volga.


On the President’s Cup international horse racing competition 2005, Putin became the owner of Vadik.



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