Vitamins – The REAL Health Care Reform!


We spend so much, year after year, on medical expenses. So much, that we spend more money on insurance knowing we’re likely to need more than what we pay as premiums.

Why, though? Many medical problems are caused, not by bacteria, and viruses, or even real physiological problems. Often they are as a result of poor nutrition. Over an extended period of time, a diet lacking in the requisite nutrients leads to a variety of deficiency diseases that usually require doctor/hospital visits, such as scurvy(lack of vitamin C).

The most obvious answer would, of course, be a balanced diet. Unfortunately, in today’s world, having this is almost impossible. In a world dominated by fast food and store-bought packaged foods, nutrition has taken a back seat to taste. Who wants to eat broccoli with a delicious steak dinner, for nutritional purposes? Interestingly, we don’t have to.

Modern science has discovered all the necessary vitamins, that our bodies need, and has made it possible to put these in, easy to swallow/chew, capsules/tablets. These little vitamins, smaller than your fingernail, contain all the necessary vitamins for your body’s daily requirements. Compare swallowing a capsule to forcing down a plate of vegetables! Even then, it’s unlikely that you will get all the vitamins you need through food alone.

Let’s look at the negative side effects of not getting enough of the required vitamins. Deficiency diseases exist for most of them. Scurvy leads to weak immune system and wounds that won’t heal.

Rickets (Vitamin D deficiency) causes frail bones and promotes bone diseases, like osteoporosis, later in life. Anemia, perhaps the best known, is caused by lack of iron, and can lead to coma and death, due to the negative effect it has on your blood.

With these in mind, the necessity of getting adequate vitamins is clear, and we already established that it would be extremely difficult to get it all from a single meal, let alone to repeat that three times a day, on a consistent daily basis. This is what companies had in mind when they came up with vitamin tablets.

They simplify the process of getting your daily requirements, while saving you money. Compare the cost of a month’s worth of tablets to the money you spend on “healthy foods”, that is, if you do, and if you don’t, read that last paragraph again!

It is, therefore, critically important that we all take advantage of the advances in science and invest in our own health through vitamins. Not only do they prevent disease now, but they also helps us later in life.

It has been statistically proven that people, who practice good nutrition throughout their life, live longer, and better, when they get older. What more reasons than these do we need? Don’t wait until you get sick to start taking precautions! I, personally, encourage everyone who reads this to start a vitamin regimen today, and to eat better in general!