Visiting Castilla La Mancha

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Spain is the kind of country which will suit the taste of any tourist. Whether you want modern cities or small traditional villages, breathtaking landscapes, high mountain peaks or shallow warm waters, you will find it in Spain. Each and every province is unique, having its characteristic features that attract tourists. Castilla La Mancha is the Spanish province situated directly in the center of the peninsula and even though the wide plains occupy most of the land, the mountains that guard the province are very imposing and offer picturesque views. The cities of the province are spectacular. They all have historical buildings and beautiful places to see, they all have interesting things to do and they all have a variety of entertainment activities. The gastronomy is an important attraction for the region, especially for those who enjoy gourmet foods. The cuisine is absolutely delicious, so you should taste the stew and the sausages, as well as the famous Manchego cheese which can only be found in Castilla La Mancha. In Spain, there is almost no dish served without a matching wine and Castilla La Mancha has plenty of these. Artistic endeavors are also an important activity in this province. There are thousands of crafts shops where you can buy ceramics, embroidery, even swords and knives.

The main cities

Everybody knows that Toledo is one of the most important cities in Spain, so you can imagine the importance of the city for the province. As the former capital of the country, Toledo is one of the jewels of Spain with respect to the architecture. The monuments display elements belonging to the Moorish period as well as elements representing the Mudejar location costa blanca, Gothic, and even the Renaissance periods. Cuenca is another important city for the province. It is the typical medieval city. Due to the fact that it is one of the few remaining medieval cities of Spain, Cuenca has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Guadalajara will impress you with the beauty of its spectacular Mudejar buildings. The Church, the 15th century Palace and the walls of the city displaying fantastic Moorish elements represent the main attractions of the city. Ciudad Real is a place where those who love nature will feel at home. The city has seventeen closely situated lagoons which offer a heavenly landscape. Visit the province and rest assured that you will spend a memorable holiday.