Vendanges Tapestries – Medieval Wall Decor

Vendanges or Les Vendanges tapestries are tapestries that depict the making of the wine in France during medieval times. Les Vendanges can be translated into “The Grape Harvest.” The original Vendanges tapestry was woven during the 15th century and is now exhibited in the Cluny Museum in Paris, France. This tapestry depicts the harvesting of grapes by local commoners in a typical festival-like fashion. Many of the tapestries woven today are designed with various color schemes and styles. Some of them with brighter coloring and some with a pastels, however most of these tapestries are based off the original design.

Wine making has been around for centuries and was a popular scene to display for tapestries during the medieval era and still enjoyed today. There are many variations of these tapestries, some showing the making of wine and some showing the making and serving of wine. There are also many popular designs to choose from such as the reproduction of the original “Vendanges” tapestry, “Repas de Vendanges” and “Vendanges au Chateau” to name a few. Most people tend to choose the classic look as it has a more authentic appearance. However, all of these tapestries are beautiful pieces of artwork depicting peaceful medieval times. The scenery in these tapestries is quite stunning and has great color and depth. These tapestries are all priced differently and may come in different sizes depending on which ones you choose.

The highest quality Vandanges tapestries are woven in Europe by distinguished Belgian and French manufacturers. These weavers are able to capture the intricate colors and use high quality materials that produce a stunning effect.

Vendanges tapestries are most popular with those who prefer a historical medieval design in their homes. Grape harvesting tapestries add warmth, charm, and color to classic home décor. Many restaurant owners and wine stores have chosen a Vendanges wall tapestry to display, adding a unique piece of art to their establishments.