Valve Technology Trends In 2010 Three Summary


Generally speaking, China’s valve prices relatively stable, although slightly down year, but the magnitude is very small. Valve technology in 2010 highlighted what changes it, Xiao Bian finishing three points.

One, people-oriented, establishing humanized design concept

Usually the main consideration in product design is its texture, structure, Machinery Strength, performance, service life factors in evaluating the merits of the valve, the general is using these indicators. With the development, social progress, human-centered thinking philosophy has permeated all areas of life, we have from housing, Auto , Computers, cell phones, Clothing As well as various public facilities in all obviously feel the change, which from the safe, comfortable, energy saving Environmental protection , New, beautiful, and many other aspects of both in every meticulous detail to consider the feelings of consumers, reflecting the love of the people. Clearly, human design should not be limited to the scope of consumer goods, valves, wide as a large, widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense and to work with people everyday life is closely related to the mechanical products, it can not always is limited to the traditional design concepts and design methods, but should open up new ideas and inject new ideas.

Analysis of advanced products at a time when, in addition to the technical performance indicators, those will be noted that its beautiful shape, compact structure, cavity clean and elegant details. For example, to prevent secondary pollution, even the sewage valve does not seal with asbestos packing and gaskets. Another example is the operator’s hand to avoid being scratched, flange connection Bolt Ends are processed into arc and so the specific details of these differences, should provoke us to deeper thought: Why do it? How it will think of doing this? Conclusions can not boil down to the humanized design concept up, level up from this understanding, it will make our product design is no longer easy to stay in the first phase, but from the perspective of ergonomics, from the more secure, reliable, energy saving, environmental protection, clean production, operation comfort and convenience, easy disassembly and maintenance in many aspects of study and thought, give the valve the traditional products in a whole new concept and image, and form their own characteristics.

Second, concern about progress in materials science, new technologies, new materials, new techniques applied to the valve products in a timely manner

As technology advances, industrial production, high temperature, high pressure, cryogenic, high vacuum, strong corrosive, radioactive, toxic, flammable high-parameter complex conditions increased, thus the use of safety valve nature, function and other aspects of reliability and service life of a higher and more stringent requirements, development of conditions suitable for high parameters of various valves, a valve manufacturing naturally, engineering departments and users of mutual interest problems and problem-solving major technical barriers, often on the material. Materials science is considered the new century one of the most promising disciplines, recent years, many new high-performance materials, such as a variety of nano materials, superconducting materials, functional materials, organic synthesis and polymer materials, inorganic non-metallic materials and a variety of composite materials, while the emergence of many Casting , Welding, spray, spraying, composite, forming and sintering, etc. Surface Treatment New technology and new technical equipment. Pay close attention to materials engineering R & D information, trends and results in a timely manner to apply them to come up valves, is the development of a high-performance valves high parameters important method. Particularly worth mentioning is the representative of the industrial ceramics inorganic non-metallic materials, for temperature corrosion resistance on the erosion of valves, often get good results.

Third, information technology, artificial intelligence technology integration into the valve is a new way of technological innovation

The current era of rapid development of information technology, information is constantly changing intelligence industrial and agricultural production and people’s social life. As a control valve in the fluid flow channel terminal implementing agency, if the modern computing technology, sensor technology, network and remote control technology and intelligent technology to implant the valve products, will give a whole new concept of valve , resulting in completely different from the original products of the new structure and working mechanism of valve products to achieve a real upgrade.