Vaginal Dryness Causes ? Alleviate Premenopausal Symptoms


Statistics show that nearly 50% of all females suffer from mild to severe vaginal itch at some stage in their existence. There are a variety of reasons why this happens but in the majority of cases, it is a warning of the onset or full term menopause. This will have an adverse effect on a woman’s libido, which is why it is imperative for women to comprehend this condition. Rest assured however that there are natural ways to diminish this inadequacy of vaginal lubrication.

A drop in estrogen levels is generally the reason of lowered lubrication, which are almost always menopausal symptoms. This leads to the thinning and drying of the vaginal wall, and the reduction of the wall’s elasticity. This condition is referred to as vaginal atrophy. Though this is usually the cause in most conditions, there are a few other conditions that will also cause this uncomfortable discomfort.

An additional medical condition that could be the cause of lowered vaginal lubrication is what is known as Sjogren’s disease. This is an autoimmune disorder that attacks moisture-producing cells in the body. This can also cause a decline in not only vaginal lubrication, but sweat levels as well. This will have serious effects on the body and a general practitioner should be contacted if you think that you could be suffering from this condition.

Though there are medical conditions that lead to an itch of the vagina, the mental state of an individual can also have an effect on the body’s lubrication. Excessive physical or mental pressure or depression are well-known causes of non-medical explanations for depleting the body’s hydration. In cases like these, counseling would be recommended rather than seeing a general practitioner.

If you are experiencing these symptoms and cannot make it to a medical practitioner right away, there are several natural home cures that will briefly and even at times permanently relieve vaginal discomfort. An increase in the body’s water consumption is often a good start but staying away from particular foods and escalating the consumption of others will be very effective. Keeping an eye on the ingredients in the soap and lotions that you may put on your body is also a great idea to eliminate this issue. Female beauty products are notorious for including harsh chemicals that can work against the body’s natural lubricating process. You will acquire a more complete list of cures by clicking on the link below.

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