Use the Green Technology by Building a Wind Generator from Home


More and more homeowners are joining the alternative energy community and building their own wind power systems like the upcoming green technology trend today. There are some good reasons to explain building their own wind generator from home instead of purchasing a factory-made unit.



1) It Is Easy To Build

You do not need to be a qualified engineer to build a wind generator from home. All it takes is just a few hand tools and cheap and easy to find materials. With the help of a properly laid out set of instructions, you should be able to complete your DIY wind generator project over a couple of days.


2) Going Green All The Way

One of the advantages of using wind power is in how clean the energy produced is. There are no harmful by-products to your home from producing electricity using wind energy.


What better way to promote the “Going Green” movement than to build your wind generator using recycled materials? In fact, I used a couple of used PVC and conduit pipes that I found in the scrap yard to build my own wind generator.


3) It Is More Cost Effective

Building the system yourself involves just a small amount of investment. This includes getting a properly developed wind generator building plan and some of the materials required. All in all, you are looking at no more than $ 300 to build your own wind generator from home.


Compared to the thousands of dollar price tag on commercial wind generators, you only need a few months before your homebuilt system pays itself back in terms of savings on your electric bill.


4) A Wonderful Sense Of Accomplishment

It goes with any DIY project you do. Nothing makes you feel prouder than seeing your wind generator that you build start to spin and produce electricity for your home.


With that said, it is no wonder why homeowners build their own wind generator from home.