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Locate your USB ports in the tree of active devices. Click on each USB port entry to open its Properties window. You should see this device is working properly in that window. If you dont, try the following:

Trouble with a USB port is often in its software driver. The active copy of the driver may become corrupted or get deleted somehow. If you have recently upgraded to a newer version of Windows, the old driver may not have been replaced with one that works with the new version of Windows. Click on Update Driver to fetch the latest driver that is compatible with your operating system.

If Windows cant find an appropriate USB driver for a device it will ask if you want to insert a disk containing the driver. Do so if you have one, or go download the right driver from the support website of your computers manufacturer. A quick Google search will usually help you find the driver.
Blame the Hardware

If Device Manager reports that the USB port is working properly, and the device is still not recognized after updating the driver, the problem could be hardware-related. Its unlikely, but still possible, that the USB port itself could be damaged. If you have kids, who knows what they might stick in there. Try a different port or try the device on another computer, and see if that brings you the familiar ber-bling! sound signalling that a USB device was just connected. Australian leading laptop batteries, camcorder batteries, camera batteries, laptop ac adapters supplier. Specializes in laptop computer battery, notebook batteries, HP laptop batteries, Dell laptop batteries, Toshiba laptop batteries, Acer laptop batteries.

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Play the device connected sound:

If the device is still not recognized, the problem must be in the device that you are plugging into the port. If the device is broken, theres no magic that will fix it. But sometimes the most vexing problems have a simple solution.

As I reported in my article Do Computers Get Tired? sometimes just turning your computer off and back on can work wonders. If you have a problem with a USB device, power off your computer, unplug the device, count to ten, restart the computer, and re-insert the USB device. Sometimes, it does the trick.

Ive had my own problems with balky USB ports, and after trying all of the above, I finally opened up the system unit, and thoroughly cleaned out the accumulated dust with a can of compressed gas. I also noticed that the USB ports on the front of my computer were connected to the motherboard with a wire. I unplugged and replugged that wire to the motherboard, fired up the computer, and everything worked fine. The problem reoccurred a few months later and the same remedy worked again. Im not sure if it was the cleaning or the replugging of the connector, but thats my story and Im sticking with it
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