Understanding Vegan Protein Powder


For those who are on a vegan diet, they might realize there isn’t an abundance of protein in many of the foods they eat. It is because of this that they will want to look at different vegan protein powder options to help them out. You will want to keep some of these options in mind as an all natural protein powder can prove to be one of your top options.

Perhaps the most common style of vegan protein powder you will find comes from rice protein. This is the easiest form for your body to break down and it is friendly if you are on a gluten free diet. When you purchase this item you will find that it is perhaps the safest delivery of protein as well. The reason is most people don’t have an allergy to rice in general.

Just know this is a chalky and at times bitter in taste. You may want to keep this in mind when you are considering adding this to your diet. Of course, you can add the powder to most dishes to add to the protein and have the dish mask the actual flavor at the same time.

Another type of vegan protein powder you will find comes from yellow peas. This is considered to be one of the superfood powder options you will find. It has no cholesterol or fat in it and it is fairly simple to use. Just sprinkle some in water or in a wet dish and you will begin to feel the results.

This is not only an excellent way to increase the protein levels you have in your body, but you will also find that it can help to lower your cholesterol. In addition to this, many people have shown positive results by taking this powder to assist them with their kidney disease and high blood pressure as well.

There is another option you might consider as well. There are soy based protein powders that are available. You will find that as a vegan protein powder, it is perhaps the best tasting. This is because it is easily masked with a number of other flavors and many weightlifting protein drinks actually contain this form of protein. In addition, it has the lowest risk of allergic reactions and many people find it leads to positive results.

Many bodybuilders will turn to soy because it does have a higher level of protein that is essential for building muscle mass. Since it is cholesterol free, you also don’t have to worry about it changing the levels in your blood and leading to heart disease.