UK Knife Law Explained – from an ex-Police Officer and bushcrafter

UK Knife Law Explained – from an ex-Police Officer and bushcrafter

The U.K. has some strict and fairly complex laws regarding the carry of knives and offensive weapons. This is of particular concern for bushcrafters, outdoorspeople and others who might need to carry knives and bladed items as tools for what they want to do in the forests, the mountains or anywhere else.

We are lucky to have Kevin (aka Woodsy Welshman) on our instructor team, who is not only an experienced bushcrafter but also an ex-Police Officer. In this video he goes through the basics of what someone can and cannot carry legally in the U.K., and how a police officer may interpret your actions.

This is the most comprehensive advice we can offer using the laws of England and Wales, but it is down to you to ensure that you take the most current and authoritative legal advice that you can, no matter where you are in the world.

UK Knife Law Explained

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