U.s. Laoensitan Water

Chemical from the United States Laoensitan new products come out of this with the latest innovations in resin-based water-based leather protection materials to protect against contamination Pige make leather year-round to keep a clean look. Protection of water-based leather and leather finishing material, if spilled onto the dirt can be cleaned off with hot water and even use detergent, not to hurt the leather surface. The product has a moisture, mold, anti-fade, etc, is a harmless, environmentally friendly waterproofing materials.

U.S. Laoensitan Chemical Company’s new chemical products, there are three: LowatanAB is a high permeability of acid pepsin, the value of the 2.8-3.8Ph particularly active under conditions suitable for the relaxation of wet blue leather and vegetable tanned blank blank paper . Since the protein has a strong penetration, so joined, the protease quickly penetrate skin, thereby giving a soft touch leather, fine grain. In addition, LowatanAB infiltration after intradermal skin fibers can also be among the gelatinous protein dissolved away excess, so that infiltration of intradermal dye evenly, giving better breathability of leather. LowatanAS, to aluminum and gender-based concentrates special tanning / tanning complex, especially for surface relaxation granulation tanning tanning leather. And LowatanCR or chromium material mixed use, can be given grain leather compaction effect, so do the product in addition to the complex variety of leather tanning materials, can also do the wet blank white paper pre-tanning materials. Have a high degree of LowatanAS base material has a strong affinity to anionic dyes, pigments penetrate so deep, thick leather gives excellent color and color fastness. LowatanTS, dedicated plant tannins and gender-based concentrates for non-metallic leather tanning tanning / retanning material that can be used for furniture leather, garment leather tanning and white pre-tanning wet crust. Very small amount of LowatanTS can be fixed split skin and shaved bare bare skin (shrinkage temperature of 75 degrees). In addition, the product can also be used as a complex tanning materials, so that the relaxation part of full leather, leather to give a good lightfastness.