Two Earache Home Remedies You Should Know About

.tags An earache can be a very challenging condition to treat. This is primarily because it can be caused by a host of problems. An ailment of the nose and throat can also induce an earache. In fact, most earaches among children are precipitated by unresolved cases common cold. Similarly, fever that hasn’t shown signs of improvement can indirectly lead to an earache. Among children, other causes can include a developing wisdom tooth. However, the more serious form of earache is seen when it is caused by a bacterial or fungal infection. While adults can bear the earache and identify the underlying cause that might have induced it, children find it very difficult to deal with it. Some safe home remedies that can be used to treat earache include:

Taking Repeated Steam Inhalations–this is seriously recommended when there is an accompanying, respiratory infection. This usually happens in the form of coughing and sneezing. In such conditions, infection of the sinus causes retention of fluid behind the nasal passages which in turn causes the pain that radiates to the ears. Thus, it is important to clear the respiratory passage. Steam inhalations are commonly recommended by specialist physicians too. For best results, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the hot water. This fastens the unblocking of the nasal passages and dampens the earache.

Using Herbal Ear Drops–instead of using medicated eardrops, you can prepare an effective, pain-relieving concoction at home. A lukewarm mixture of a few drops of fresh lime and ginger makes a naturally, pain-relieving mixture. This can be used repeatedly throughout the day.

Other Home Remedies to Relieve Earache

If the pain doesn’t resolve with the use of herbal ear-drops explained above, it can be supplemented with the use of juice of basil leaves. Similarly, garlic oil is known to arrest the inflammation and alleviate the pain. However, garlic oil can have an initial period of some irritability that might make it difficult to use among children. Thus, add some drops of milk to the garlic oil before applying it to children.

Please note that it is critical not to tease or scratch the ear during this period. People tend to scratch the site of earache with tweezers. This can scrape the surrounding skin and increase the rate at which the infection spreads though the ear. Similarly, don’t use earplugs when having an earache. If the pain is due to a fungal infection, maintaining natural ventilation in the ear is vital.