Tuna Fishing

.tags This article is about tuna fish, a kind of most popular fishes. Do you know much about it? There are over forty-eight different types of tuna fish. They can swim very fast and maintain their body heat even in cold water. You just can find them in salt water and mostly in tropical environments. They have pink meat instead of white as other fishes because of their muscular tissues.


Tuna is big business to the world as it is one of the most popular commercial fishing businesses. There are five kinds of tuna that is important for the commercial fisheries: Skipjack, Bigeye, Yellowfin, Bluefin, and Albacore. Albacore is the only one allowed in the United States to be sold in grocery stores as white meat tuna.


So, how do you go about catching these very fast swimmers? First you have to go hunting for them! This could turn into a fun and exciting adventure! Normally in the summer months when it is warmer, tuna will travel in packs or schools. If you see groups of dolphins or sharks, then you know you may be close. This is because the fish is looking for and eating bait fish.


Try trolling for tuna and go at a slow speed under 10 mph. You can use lures or live bait to attract the tuna. They grab the yummy bait to eat and then they are captured. The reason is they stay closer to the surface of the water as it is warmer, thus easier to see and catch.


The lures you use to catch your tuna are shaped like a Kona head. This creates a bubbly trail for the tuna to follow and makes the Tuna surface out of curiosity. Of course you never know what size you are going to catch and you can use different sizes of lures. Six inch lures are for Stripes and Albacore for example.