Treating Bv At Home – Are There Any Home treatments for Bv?


Curing bacterial vaginosis at home should not be a so difficult thing to do if you have the correct information and know very well what to do. AS you may already know, bacterial vaginosis is a very big problem affecting millions of women in the world. Normally this condition isn’t a so difficult thing to cure. Just some few antibiotics might do away with it; nevertheless the situation gets not so good when your infection turns to recurrent bacterial Vaginosis: Most of the times the reoccurrence of BV is caused by the use of antibiotics which usually kills both good and bad bacterial in the system, thereby making it difficult for the system to protect any future infections.

1- When you have BV and visit a health care provider with it, they more than likely will prescribe Flagyl. I knew a girl that had that and the doctor told her that she needed to add yogurt to her diet and it seemed to help her and cranberry juice. Unfortunately when you have an infection like bv, yogurt alone might not help you so much and besides, I truly think the yogurt is more of a preventive measure.

2- There are few home cures that will get rid of your BV. You can try to take oil of oregano. You can buy it from a health store. It tastes like REALLY strong oregano. You put a few drops under your tongue, 3 times a day, or as required. Oil of oregano is a very strong natural antibacterial.

3- You can also try out the recommendations in this guide called The bacterial vaginosis freedom guide. The vaginal bv infections freedom guide is a good natural cure guide for Bv that has helped tens of thousands of women all over the world with their BV condition and most of them are now free from this condition. This guide teaches you effective tips for treating bacterial vaginosis at home even if your condition is very chronic.

We have recommended this guide to good number of family and friends members who had BV and most if not all of them ended up curing their condition, even those who had really serious recurrent BV cases. I will recommend this guide to any women who is kind of serious about treating their Bv and stopping it from ever returning to bother them in the future.

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