Top 5 Progressed Payment Solutions

Top 5 Progressed Payment Solutions

Online purchasing is becoming a habit of every individual and also booming online payment industry throughout the year. Payment processing is a vital need of every business conducting trading and selling of goods and services online. The life of online business wholly depends on electronic payments without these how your online business can survive and how your customers can pay for purchase. No matter how big your business is and possess a good traffic without online payment processing all good traffic, high ranking, top marketing strategy is zero.

But is not big obstacles to find a secure online payment processing to accept payment for goods and services through online web portals and virtual terminals. Today there are many payment solutions available to receive payments from anywhere anytime around the world. The market is overloaded with many payment solutions that you can trust for your business. Let’s take a look at Top 5 Progressed payment solutions –

2 Checkout – Founded in 2000 and a combination of merchant account and payment gateway to accept credit, debit, and online payments. Providing payment options to small as well as mid-size businesses. Accepting money is more convenient, just a simple registration and verify the account to start accepting payments. International payments, shopping cart integration also add extra benefits.

Stripe – Operating its services in 20+ countries allows individuals and business entities to accept payments oner the net. Provide all advance feature with fraud prevention to recurring payments. Without merchant account stripe can perform all functions of payment processing when integrated into the website.

Authorize.Net – Widely used payment gateway services that allow merchants to accept electronic payments. Started in 1996 by jeff Knowles currently handling more than $ 80 billion annual transactions. Also, offer value added services to assist merchants to process further.
ACH Payments – Helping businesses with top payment system from last 13 years. Providing advance ACH Processing and credit card payments solutions. The company provides merchant account, payment gateway, credit card processor and mobile payment processor. Handling payments with the secure encrypted system and payroll system.

PayPal – Widely used payment gateway with just one sign up sending payments to international merchants is easy and instant. Transacting 8 million payments every day. Founded in 1998 revolutionized the digital advance payment solutions and providing a way to manage and move their money. Serving in more than 202 countries and allowing to get paid in more than 100 currencies. Currently, PayPal has more than 188 million customers accounts a global payment platform for processing online payments.

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