Toothache Home Remedy – Top 3 Methods


Toothache pain is the most different and unusual kind of pain one can suffer. It is one of the worst kinds probably where one experiences distressing exasperation and aggravation. From the irritating pain to the inability of eating anything, this is truly something which needs attention and care. Most of the people are often unable to go to the dentist while they are suffering from the toothache because of the pain. What should they do? The answer is the toothache home remedy which could be applied. There are several things you can give a shot to and they might reduce the risk of the ache and stinging teeth. You can also save a lot of money on dentist expenses by following such natural guidelines.

However, you should not put your health on risk. If your tooth gets abscessed or infected badly, you would need to concern the better dentist possible. Try a few things at first which you think would bring a successful outcome, but if they don’t help in relieving the pain you should get yourself checked. Here are a few toothache home remedies which your grandma probably knows.

1. It has been experimentally identified that pepper powder and salt mixture can assist in the prevention of dental and oral cavities. It could be helpful in stopping gum bleeding, bad breathe, gum pain and tooth aches. If you have sensitive teeth which respond to hot or cold foods frequently, then this combination will also cure that. You can also use clove oil instead of rock salt if the mixture is not working for you that way.

2. Whiskey or brandy has been in use to cure the toothache pain since ages. It has sad to work with the toothache issues infants suffer when they are growing teeth for the very first time. They are also helpful in washing out the cold or any congestion which are causing headaches or toothaches. Mostly the alcohol present in the whiskey is effectual for the numbness of the blood circulation, reducing the feel of pain and ache in the affected regions. Soak a cotton ball in whiskey or brandy and gently put it on the infected tooth for about a minute. You will feel the pain getting reduced within a short wink.

3. Another toothache home remedy is vanilla extract. Using vanilla extract can also be persuasive and influential for the toothache. The extract will anesthetize the area where the tooth is aching. You can also use the vanilla extract as a mouth wash and it will be just as valuable.