Tips for saving battery of devices for location independent people

Tips for saving battery of devices for location independent people

These technologies have given the perfect support to many but the sad thing is that there is a problem with the battery life. Losing battery life or having a low battery at a crucial time and at a place where there is no outlet is everyone’s worst nightmare.

So if you happen to be a person who is a not made for traditional office space, then location independent worker like you should read on to know some of the top tips to save the battery life of your electronic devices like smart phone and tablets.


It is very important to carry a charger so that you can charge your electronic devices whenever the device will be in need of it. You must be thinking how you will use the charger if you happen to work in places which do not have outlet? The answer is very simple actually; there are many portable chargers available in the market at different prices and also in different designs too. What you have to do is charge these potable chargers and keep it with you and use it whenever you need it. As these are small and sleek in design and light in weight, so you can keep more than one with ease without adding any weight or losing too much space in your carry bag.

Carry an extra battery:

When you are using machine and devices which uses battery, you happen to carry an extra battery, right? Then why not carry an extra battery for your smart phone and tablets too. The cost of buying just a battery is not that expensive. All you have to do is charge the spare battery and keep it with you and change it with the battery which is running low. Buying an extra battery will be best option for a worker like you.

Turn it off:

If you see that you are running low on battery and you do not have any portable charger or extra battery, then the best thing to do will be turning off your push notifications. Yes it is true that you want to know what is happen in the social world and who is commenting what on your photo or status, but these notifications burns a lot of battery life. So, if you see that your phone or tablet is low in battery, then you can turn off these push notifications and in return get a few extra minutes to work on these electronic devices. This is one of the best technology tips and advice which is followed by many like you.

Change your setting:

There are some settings which take more battery life and thus you have to make sure that you are not using such settings on your smart phone or tablets when the battery is running low. So, if you happen to have 100% brightness then it is advisable that you lower this and also avoid any live wallpaper and also turn off any animated lock screen option.
So now that you know all the important electronic device technology tips and advice, it is advisable that you follow these the next time.


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