Timeline for Divorce

{flickr|100|campaign} Divorce is a process that every couple undergoes when they want to end a marital partnership. Divorce can be a long and sometimes discouraging process for both parties involved. This usually happens when certain issues are not easily agreed upon. Disagreements would entail a lot more time settling issues in court that both have to feel. In this type of case, there is no exact time frame on how long the divorce case will last in court. However, if both parties are willing and fairly negotiate issues, the process will be faster.

Dissolution will take a month to more than two years. This will totally depend on the parties involved in divorce. In a normal process a divorce can take up to about a year if cases are not as complicated. Usually, those with large amount of assets and disagreements on child custody that are unresolved, the process will take longer in court. However, some parties tend to delay the process to get what they want from the other parties.

Below are some factors to consider in the process of dissolution:

• RESIDENCY – In some countries and states, they impose a mandatory waiting period to get a divorce. This period will last until six months after the original divorce paper is served.

• COOPERATION OF PARTIES OR SPOUSES – The level of cooperation between parties is important. Issues must be resolved between spouses through a dialogue to lessen the period of negotiation in court and outside of court. They should work out that the divorce is uncontested. If spouses can work on this among themselves with their lawyers, the divorce will go smoothly and quickly.

• MEDIATED DIVORCE – Some parties are not anymore communicating but both are willing to undergo mediation. With this circumstance, the divorce will take more time compared to the uncontested divorce. However, if mediation is open it will then make the process shorter.