Three technology effect notebook colour


“Why these two notebook screen color?” In the purchase notebook, Replacement HP G6000 Laptop Battery ,maybe some consumers will find this question, looks like, but have display screen. Especially in color, some notebook with expressive ability, precise color reduction in high-definition video playback, can let a person shine at the moment. While some laptop display effect is only can accept, especially watch over a period of time after the text will dry eyes, mingled with contrast or brightness can change the effect. So, what is the cause that the effect of notebook? Using a notebook manufacturer and what new technology to improve colour reductive ability? Attention graphic design friends except concern, the CPU card should also be concerned about outside the configuration? Let us have a look the notebook screen color effect influence three technology.

LED backlighting techniques: “good food raw material can be.”

In order to better understand LED backlighting techniques, we play a parable, good effect is like a good display, want beautiful, colorful and reduction degree is high, only

Color can lift the appetite of people wide, and in this dish, LCD panel, it is a cook for filtering and control back light emitted by the light, therebyHave good results. Among them, the backlight is excellent material, its color is backlit, panel can cook adequate a dish.From the second half of 2008, many manufacturers household popularity with color gamut, more frivolous end-to-end started publicity LED screen. Actually, the correct statement should be adoptedLED backlighting techniques of LCD screen color gamut, this by traditional CCFL backlighting (cold can be regarded as fluorescent lamp, Yin level of miniaturization fluorescent lamp) standard of 70%. NTSC The ascent to NTSC standard, besides the brightness of ascension 130% of notebook, this technology to get the full range of colors that greatly expand.

You know: ,what are domain and NTSC color standard.Color is the color that can display a number of scope. Namely, more than a range of colour, even nature, showing .Also can use only real expression comes out, similar color replacement, this will affect to reveal their true degrees, therefore, the color is wider, more can truly,Reduction of colour.

NTSC gamut standards are formulated in the American TV standards committee of standard TV transmission for a television, due to the standard color gamut, therefore also widely used,Used to display color gamut, if exceed the standards of the standard color NTSC display can be called wide color or wide color display..

Notebook vendor for LED backlighting techniques, from the apple of HuaShuo MacBook Air to PC, cheap Eee 1999 yuan shenzhou pamphlet, everywhere Visible LED shadow. But now LED backlighting cost is more expensive, although the manufacturer can use white LED to certain ways to pay for performance

Cost reduction, but compared to the traditional CCFL backlit, its price is still a section. But its price with screen area has increased rapidly in ascension. But compared with Desktop PC, laptop screen, small manufacturers in the cost and won the balance between the effect, the first step, desktop notebook leading LED backlighting techniques used.

You know, HP G6000 Battery ,LED backlighting techniques have differences.Don’t think USES LED backlighting notebook, now LED backlighting techniques of two kinds, namely RGB color LED (3) and White leds (LED White LED). White leds is actually a covering of fluorescent light blue will be part of a diode, convert, yellow blue + maize combinations for white, white spectrum.Light LED structure is simple. And three colors LED backlighting on three colors, red, LED, green and blue, which makes the final color expressiveness than white Light, but the cost structure and LED complexity than white leds. Currently the notebook is used mostly LED back light, only a few white LED the high-end notebook Use 3 colors LED.

LED backlighting techniques, except the gamut in screen brightness effect also have good performance

Use LED backlighting and  CCFL backlighting on price also have certain differences, consumer can choose when buying it.

LED backlighting greatly expand the laptop screen display color

Coating technology: don’t think I just cosmetics

In a few years ago, the mirror screen laptop has attracted many people’s eyes, G6000 Battery gorgeous colour, better saturation in color reduction for notebooks on a new step. And for this breakthrough technology is made TouGong coating technology. Because of the coating technology have magical effects, all sorts of new coating technology application in,Notebook, such as sharp super black chip technology, NEC wide-angle flowery screen, SONY’s your beautiful screen etc, are obtained by using coating technology higher performance and more really Solid color.

In RuiZhi haier T68 embellish eye notebook, for example, it USES black crystal alpha coating, coating in the black crystal, contains the interference light can filter in the visual effect Fruit, this makes the clutter LCD radiates light more pure. At the same time, the black crystal still can make the LCD panel is brunet, in this case, the various Color contrast and performance ability, thus greatly improve the ascension of the display XianYanDu and reductive ability.