Themed Chess Sets – Medieval Times

The era classified as the Medieval Times is a period in history commonly referred to as the Middle Ages. It spanned from the 5th century to the 16th century. It was a period laced with turmoil and unrest in much of Europe. The Crusades happened throughout this time period, where battles were fought sanctioned by the Pope and Catholic Church, against any groups who were perceived as enemies of the church.

In the high Middle Ages, Europe saw the existence of Urban centers emerging, with a growing economic power, castles were being constructed, the military was growing along with there being a spike in population as well.

More people mean a power struggle for more space. As men went off to fight in the crusades, to fight and be willing to die for their religious beliefs, Castles were being constructed as a place of refuge. Taking control of a castle became a grand goal for the military commanders. These castles were built on high ground making them perfect to have a vantage point up high to see the enemy coming. To take the toll of a battle the walls of a castle could be constructed to be up to 30 feet thick.

The weapons used in the battles of the Middle Ages would have started with the likes of arrows, spears, daggers and as the warfare technology developed with the introduction of gunpowder, cannons came into use, thus making castles obsolete. This is why many of the historic structures sit in ruins today. The knights wore there shining armor, with swords and shields up high on horseback. Or perhaps the crusader wearing chainmail and wielding an axe. War became a costly business at this time.

The detailed players in the Medieval themed chess set carry with them all the detail, history and romance that came with this era. You can step back in time and fight your own crusade right in your own living room, with no blood shed or working cannons however, for your own safety.