The War Against To International Terrorism Has Grown

The growth of the war on international terrorism is got attention. Israel has had enough and is going after Hezbollah with revenge in Lebanon. Actually, every country has a right to be against to International Terrorism. However, the question whether Israel is going to far has been considered, and some people think that it is. In contrast, others who observe the unfolding of events ask 2 questions; if your country were attacked by international terrorists sponsored by larger nations, what would happen? What would you do?



Israelis are saying now that they must up the ante on the International Terrorists NOW! Perhaps the rest of the World might use this distraction to attack them everywhere they are. Some say we MUST continue the fight on International Terrorism. They say that Weakness is not an option and We must stand united and mentally tough. Yet the opposition is blaming President Bush? That is a little tough to swallow.


You see, International Terrorism from radical Islamic fundamentalists has been going on long before President Bush came to office. Surely it is time something be done about this. Many who are in favor of defeating International Terrorism say that;


The liberal lie of appeasement does not work; we need not stand around like wimps while innocent people get blown up in all countries around the world and we have a real problem and it is not the President of the United States of America it is a liberal base, which is living in la la land refusing to face reality that International Terrorists kill innocent life.


These same folks who are in favor of taking out all the International Terrorists say that those who support, harbor or sponsor them are not innocent. Obviously you can see the bitter disagreement between sides and this is why negotiation is slow to work and with each bomb or missile attack a cease-fire seems even less possible. Perhaps these are points to consider so, we ought to think on this in 2006.