The Trouble With Hillary

While there’s a certain percentage of activist voters on both sides of the political spectrum who would never support a President of the opposite party, no one draws as much fury among presidential hopefuls as do the Democratic Senator from New York, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Fairly or unfairly, there are several glaring problems that could upset her presidential bid.

She’s a divider

No matter the polls – Time, Rasmussen, CNN, FOX, Zogby… Hillary’s unfavorable ratings have consistently remained high; her negatives hovers just below the mid 40s. Recent polls have shown on balance her favorable to unfavorable at (49/48), with positive spreads of 1%. If that’s not enough, former presidential hopeful Ralph Nader, has threatened to run as a third party candidate if Hillary becomes the Democratic nominee. What is not so surprising is that she continues to be the democrat that republicans love to hate, and some republicans groups already have projects in works in the hopes of derailing the senator’s campaign. In a general election they’ll most certainly drudge up the scandals which plagued the Oval Office during President Bill Clinton’s years. And coming off what most feel has already been a polarizing Bush presidency, is it then smart to elect another polarizing figure?

Bush-Clinton fatigue

Another hurdle for Hillary is the Bush-Clinton fatigue. Voters must decide if it’s healthy for the country to have another Bush-Clinton presidency in consecutive years. A Hillary presidency could mean 28 years of a Bush-Clinton reign. In no point in our history have there ever been two families who have dominated the political apparatus as these two. Is this what our Founding Fathers intended? Certainly, this can’t be good for a democracy. What then if Jeb Bush decides to run in 2016…. It could happen!

She’s calculating

This brings me to my next point– the trust factor. In an age of political cynicism most Americans are in dire need to elect a candidate in which they believe in. The American people want authenticity, and Hillary too often appears to put political expediency over conviction. She’s perceived as calculating, too cautious, trying to be all things to all people on various issues. Take her position on Iraq, in which she has both simultaneously supported and criticized the war. But have since said if she were President she wouldn’t have gone to war; however, this argument contradicts the reason for her giving support to President’s Bush to invade Iraq. Critics have already compared her position on Iraq to that of John Kerry.

Though regardless of her hurdles, Mrs. Clinton will still be a formidable candidate in this presidential campaign. However, some of what have been mentioned might just be worth taking a close look at to see whether a Hillary’s presidency could help or hurt a Democratic majority in congress.