The Tale Of High Blood Pressure


The increased blood pressure is noted down as two numerals. One is systolic and the other is diastolic pressures.

The intensities come one followed by other. Primarily it is the systolic number followed by the diastolic number. For instance the blood pressure 140/90 mmHg can be noted down as 140 above 90.

The required blood pressure for our body is 80 mmHg of diastolic and 120 mmHg of systolic.

Increased blood pressure is very dangerous to the well being because it causes damages to the functioning of the heart. It affects the arteries and the surrounding.

The abnormal blood pressure results in damage and creates kidney troubles, eye sight problems, heart troubles and stroke related issues.

The increased blood pressure is harmful because it doesn’t allow to be identified with any of the signs and caution symptoms.

The bad part of it is when it initiates in our body it doesn’t leave until we die.

The reasons of this increased blood pressure vary. It makes the heart to beat very rapidly, shrinking of the arteries, or increase the blood levels.

The above told things would start high pressure to the artery wall’s surrounding. It is not solvable but it can be prevented by staying away from it.

It can be prevented by testing the blood pressure figures often. The physicians check a person with such excess levels by taking two or three sample figures.

A continuous reading of 140 above 90 mmHg and even more is concluded as increased blood pressure levels.

Many talk to the physician with tension about their issues on increased blood pressure levels. Such incident is termed as “white coat excess tension or hyper tension”.

It may be required to check the blood pressure reading often in home once the doctor identifies any increased pressure levels. It is done by wearing a product called as ambulatory pressure monitoring device.

It is usually fixed outside the body a whole day and the levels are automatically noted every thirty minutes of time.

Testing the pressure is very easy and fast. It is usually measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg).

As said the readings are noted down as systolic numerals followed by diastolic numerals. As the age moves on the systolic levels are very vital to the health.

The physicians with the help of a gadget called as sphygmomanometer analyze the pressure levels.

Many such gadgets use the figures that are either digital or electronic.

In such incidents the figures are noted down by seeing the small LED screen or transmitted as sounds.